Dr. Ali A. Alsuwailem

As known, advocacy is a profession carrying a superior message aiming to providing consultation and representation in order to defend, support, and prove rights before judicial authorities in accordance with the laws and regulations. It provides assistance to the judicialsystem in clarifying the facts and revealing the truth for renderingfair judgments.

For more than three decades, I have done my best, working in a professional way, complying with the principles of honor, integrity and rules and ethics of advocacy whether before judicial authorities or clients, colleagues and adversaries.As a result, I was able to gain the confidence and respect of all individuals and organizations, as well as createnumerous opportunities for serving advocacy and its practitioners. This privilege was achieved during practicing this profession under the name of the Saudi Office, Lawyers and Legal Advisors, which began small, and through my devotion,  persistence and patience, and the efforts of the lawyers and consultants of the Office,has become one of the most distinguished law firms in the Kingdomcomprising professional lawyers and legal advisors in all legal fields.

Our main target is to serve right and justice and do our best to serve those whom have entrusted us withtheir legal affairs and casesby providing professional consultation, assistance and precise follow up of their mattersto the optimal satisfaction.


Dr. Ali A. Al-Suwailem

The Founder and Managing Partner

The Saudi Office, Lawyers & Consultants