Litigation and provision of legal consultations

The Saudi Office, Lawyers & Consultants, carries out pleadings before all judicial and administrative bodies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including, but not limited to, the General Courts, Board of Grievances, Commissions for the Settlement of Labor Disputes, Arbitration Panels,Committee for the Resolution of Insurance Infractions and Disputes, Committee for the Resolution of Banking Disputes, Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes, Office for the Resolution of Commercial Papers Disputes, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, King Abdul-Aziz City for Science and Technology and the Patent Office of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.

Furthermore, the Saudi Office, Lawyers & Consultants, provides legal consultation services to multiple governmental organization, companies, establishments and individuals in all fields, in addition to drafting myriad contracts, memoranda, and regulations.

The following are some of litigation services and legal consultations provided by the Saudi office, Lawyers & Consultants:

  1. Administrative lawsuits. 
  2. Commercial matters.
  3. Corporate Governance.
  4. Banking disputes.
  5. Securities disputes.
  6. Suits related to lawful rights.
  7. Labor disputes.
  8. Insurance claims.
  9. Indemnity claims.
  10. Electronic crimes
  11. Construction engineering & contracting.
  12. Telecommunications.
  13. Mediation and arbitration.
  14. Enforcement of foreign judgments.
  15. Investment.
  16. Tourism and hospitality.
  17. Healthcare.
  18. Transportation.